How Safe Is Breast Enhancement Surgery?

Breast enhancement surgery is undoubtedly the most sought after cosmetic surgery in the last two decades. Every year, there are thousands of women who have this cosmetic surgery. However, although it is true that technological advancement has made today’s cosmetic surgery safer than surgery years ago, the majority of women who have this surgery are not aware that there are many risks involved with this procedure.

If you are a woman who is considering cosmetic surgery, this article is not intended to scare you away from the breast enhancement procedure. This article is intended to educate you about the potential dangers that you may experience if you have the procedure. By knowing all the potential dangers, it is expected that you can make a wiser decision.

Reduced Sensation:

Almost half of women who have breast enhancement surgery experience reduced nipple and breast sensation. Although some women said that the sensation loss is temporary, the majority of women stated that the sensation loss is permanent. Experiencing sensation loss will highly affect your satisfaction during loving making.

Difficulty in Breast Feeding:

Some women who have breast augmentation surgery can breast feed and some cannot. Even if they can breast feed, the breast feeding process is usually harder. Women who had mastectomies or reconstruction surgeries may not be able to breast feed because the loss of breast tissue and important glands that produce milk.

Inaccurate Mammography Result:

The risk of breast cancer is actually the same between women with implants and women without implants. Having breast cancer screenings is highly recommended to detect early signs of breast cancer. Unfortunately, women with breast implants usually cannot get accurate result of mammography because the implants interfere the screening process. So if you have implants, chances are you will not know whether or not there are signs of breast cancer in your breasts due to the inaccurate mammography report.

Waste a Lot of Money:

A good breast enhancement surgery requires you to invest at least $10,000. Unfortunately, it is not the only expense that you have to deal with. If you are not satisfied with the result, you need to spend additional thousands of dollars for re-operation. Since breast implants do not last a lifetime, removal surgery is inevitable and it is not cheap.

If you choose silicone gel-filled breast implants, then you need to spend some money to take periodic MRI checkups to detect ruptures. Moreover, health insurance providers usually charge higher premiums for women who have breast implants due to the increased health risks. Unless you have a very good income, having this cosmetic procedure may disturb the health of your personal finance.

Increased Health Risks:

Rupture and leakage are very common and they are very dangerous. In a few cases, rupture and leakage can cause death due to the toxic characteristic of the implants. Several studies have also revealed that there are links between breast implants and the increased risks of suicide, lung cancer, brain tumors, breast cancer and some other serious diseases.


Breast implants do not last a lifetime, and the longer you have breast implants, the more likely it is that you will experience complications. Please keep in mind that this procedure is irreversible so if things go wrong, you cannot go back to the start. So, unless you are ready to experience the dangers of breast enhancement surgery as mentioned above, it is better to love your natural body rather than be sorry.